Addition  invests in companies with the potential to be market leaders and achieve transformational growth.
About us
Addition provides exit options for owners who aspire to preserve the legacy and integrity of their businesses, as we plan for long-term ownership and act as a strategic partner to help push companies forward. We develop talented leaders who relish the challenges of entrepreneurship and devote their energy to scaling businesses.
Addition was established in 2018 as the direct investments arm of a London-based Family Office to invest in UK SME businesses. Our  team combines experience in entrepreneurship, driving sales organisations, investing, financing and technology innovation. Addition is a business owner rather than an asset manager. Our passion for operating drives us to devote significant time and resources to actively improving businesses.

As a Family Office, Addition Capital is very selective about the opportunities it chooses to pursue. We take an empathetic and collaborative approach to preserving legacy and company culture, making us a preferred partner for sellers who are interested in efficient and certain deals. We have no set timeline for exit and our ideal business is one that we can own and develop forever.

We invest our own capital and invite others to invest alongside us as we build great businesses.

Get in touch to join our journey as a business owner or co-investor.
What we do
Our collaborative approach and operational focus enables us to provide solutions for exiting owner-managers and for companies seeking to carve out divisions, with or without a management team. Addition looks at a number of factors to signal that a company is ready to grow significantly and would benefit from our unique blend of investing and operating.
We care about relationships – we work with management teams to devise the next strategy for their company and we invest in businesses that make a positive impact on society. We look for companies that have been in existence for a number of years, have a history of sustained profitability and have the potential to scale significantly.

Generally, our target companies will fit the following criteria:
We look for businesses with substantial United Kingdom operations though they may have significant international presence.
We prefer companies that sell products or services to businesses. Our preferred sectors are: Healthcare, Financial Services, Business Services, Information and Communication, and Manufacturing.
Our ideal company has revenues of £10-100 million and pre-tax profits of £1-10 million.
Our target businesses will have an industry-leading product or service and a sustainable competitive advantage. We only invest in companies that generate cash flows every year and have potential for significant future growth with reinvestment.
Our goal is to support owner-managed businesses where owners are looking to reduce their involvement or need to bring in new skills and perspectives to continue growth.
We seek businesses that can be improved, streamlined or made more efficient with the integration of technology.
The Addition Capital team is led by experienced entrepreneurs and investors who enjoy the excitement and challenges of building and scaling businesses.
We have worked with companies around the world over the past twenty years as business leaders, entrepreneurs and owners.

We call on a number of specialist advisors who provide mentorship to us and our management teams. This enables us to understand new industries with diverse perspectives. These advisors are part of the Addition investment ecosystem which supports all of our activities from sourcing to operating.
Jay Verjee
Founder and Managing Partner
Federico Alvarez-Demalde
Senior Advisor
Richard Villiers
Raj Mukherji
Mariano Carrica